Contract duration

The aim is to limit the unjustified abuse of temporary contracts by employers. Currently, they are often concluded for very long periods without objective justification and deprive the employees a sense of stability and security. 

According to the ministry, employment should be based on permanent contracts. The amendment provides that the total period of employment under fixed term contracts cannot last longer than 33 months between the same parties. Regardless of the period, the number of those contracts will not be allowed to exceed three - the fourth under the Act will become a permanent contract. Additionally, it will be possible to conclude an agreement for a trial period of no longer than 3 months.

Notice period

The period of fixed term contract’s termination will depend on the total duration (similar to permanent contracts).

Planned notice periods duration in Poland:

Total duration of employmentNotice period
less than 6 months
2 weeks
from 6 months to 3 years
1 month
more than 3 years
3 months